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Pasadena Gatherings

Once a month, usually on the third Sunday of the month, a group of primitive skills enthusiasts gather at the Pasadena Roving Archers range in Pasadena, CA.

A lot of fun stuff happens at these gatherings. There will usually be people working on wood bows but other activities taking place can be, bowstrings (natural or man-made materials), arrows (doweled shafts as well as natural shoot shafts), leatherwork, atlatls and atlatl darts, gourds, baskets, bead work, flint knapping, quiver making, as well as considerable discussion on the finer points of all these activities.

While many participants in these gatherings are members and contributors to the internet forum, PaleoPlanet, that certainly is not required to stop in and have a good time with us. It's not at all unusual for folks walking by to stop and ask questions about what we're doing. It's also not unusual for these folks to begin attending the gatherings on a regular basis.

For those individuals interested in learning some of what we're doing we freely give information and assistance in learning. For some pursuits we may have loaner tools available and sometimes materials are available for a nominal cost. But be cautioned: we are not a formal class, what you learn is up to you. We're happy to answer questions and offer advice but this is not a classroom. We sometimes have younger people who want to learn something and that's fine, but we are not a babysitting service so dropping the kids off while parents go elsewhere is not what we're about, either.

Some of the participants begin showing up about 9am and others get there as their schedules allow. Some folks stay all day while others only stay an hour or two. The park closes at sunset so that's our limit. Be forewarned that parking can sometimes be in short supply. The area is used by a number of dog walkers, runners, archers, and people using the fly casting pond so the parking can get tight. If necessary, parking may be found near the entrance to the park, be sure to check signage to assure that you're parking legally.

If you have questions about the Pasadena Gatherings please email me through the contact page of this website.