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I make custom wood arrows. When you order arrows from Greenman Archery they'll be in the design and configuration you want. You don't have to choose from "Combo A" or "Option C." You and I are going to work together to see what you'd like and then I'll make them.

Here's some of what we're going to be looking at:

  What spine shaft do you want? If you don't know then I'll need information about you and your bow so I can offer my best recommendation for what spine to use.
  What color feathers do you want? Do you want three fletch with a contrasting cock feather? Do you want four fletch with every feather a different color? Solid colors, barred colors, camo colors? Let's figure it out.
  What feather shape would you like? I can do shield, parabolic, Raptor, and traditional. They're all available in different lengths for particular arrow dynamics.
  What crown color do you want? I can use paint for an opaque look or stains and dyes so you can still see the wood beneath the color. Or we can do no crown and save some money.
  What shaft color would you like? Natural is popular but if you'd like a purple stain from tip to nock, not a problem.
  Cresting… if your arrows will have cresting then we've got a lot of possibilities here. Want silver or gold to edge the cresting? Can do. Rather have metallic red trim, metallic green trim, pearl white base color? Can do those, too.
  Your arrows will come with standard field points installed and the arrows ready to shoot. Do you want a particular tip weight?
  There are extras available, usually for an additional cost ( I do have to make a living):
  o Horn reinforced self-nocks - very beautiful and quite traditional.
o Thread reinforced self-nocks - a little less costly than the horn.
o Thread wrapped feathers - the leading edge of the fletching is wrapped with thread for shooting off the hand.
o Barred or camo feathers have an additional cost.
o Broadheads are available at extra cost so your hunting arrows are ready to go.
o Airbrushed crowns are available.
o Special art may be done on the crown or shaft.
o Small decals with a name or symbol are possible.
When in doubt, ask me and I'll see if I can do it.  
  Basic prices for a dozen arrows:

o No crown or crest, three fletch solid color feathers: $90.
Crowned and crested, three fletch solid color feathers: $110.
On the first style we can do a stain color on the shaft or leave it plain.
Crown and crest colors are your choice.
Solid feather colors are your choice of colors.
All shafts are hand spined and weight matched to +/- 10 grains (usually much closer).
All arrows are delivered cut to length, tapered, and a field point glued on, unless otherwise requested.
Unless otherwise requested I use Bohning Classic nocks.


o Four fletch, add $5 per dozen.
o Barred or camo feathers, add $5 per each (example, barred cock feather is an additional $5 for the dozen arrows).
o Thread reinforced self-nock is $20 per dozen.
o Horn reinforced self-nock is $30 per dozen.
o Wrap thread on the leading edge of the feather for off-the-hand shooting, $5 per dozen.